Business ethics

(2)Which of the following is a benefit of artificial intelligence?

a. AI machines automatically internalize human values and principles without programming.

b. AI systems are free from unintended bias.

c. AI can be used to effectively enhance customer relationships.

d. AI will create many jobs that do not exist today and will not eliminate any existing jobs.

e. AI systems cannot discriminate.

(4)The system of connected devices that provides the ability to send and receive information over the internet is known as _______.

a. blockchain

b. radio-frequency identification (RFID)

c. Internet of Things (IoT)

d. big data

e. predictive analytics

(5)What is an algorithm?

a. A set of rules providing instructions for problem solving

b. A robot that is programmed to perform humanlike actions

c. Connected devices that interact without human intervention

d. Devices that are connected over the internet

e. Large volumes of data that are transmitted at very fast speeds

(6)What is a chief privacy officer (CPO) responsible for?

a. Resolving racial bias and job loss created by artificial intelligence

b. Dealing with environmental issues and enforcing environmental legislation

c. Providing resources to oversee the discovery of ethical risks

d. Developing and implementing policies and procedures related to privacy protection

e. Managing their organizations’ ethics and legal compliance programs

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