Regional Health Care Sdn Bhd (RHCSB) is one of the well-known medical supplier company in
Malaysia. Company started their root from Sabah and expanded their business to Sarawak, West
Malaysia, and International Market such as Brunei, Indonesia and others.
Every year, their HR manager and top management will arrange an online meeting or Face-to-Face
appraisal interview. Due to business expansion and the COVID-19 pandemic, RHCSB’s CEO suggested
to create a new appraisal format for their company’s annual performance appraisal.
A meeting is conducted with the HR Personnel and HR Manager, Mr. August. In the meeting, few new
faces were invited to join as well. Mr. August shared with the team on the new structure for training,
planning and appraisal which will be conducted by the Person In Charge for each of their branch.
It was also brought to Mr August attention during the meeting that the Branch Heads are not happy with
the company’s compensation as well as employee care package program that they are offered. These
Branch Heads mentioned that the company did not make any effort on restructuring their compensation
and rewards structure especially for employees whom are not able to perform their jobs due to the
government’s new normal regulatory standard operating procedures (SOP) in business operations.


As a HR Manager for RHCSB headquarters, you are required to draft an email to your HR
Director, to suggest the FIVE (5) factors that needs to be considered when determining the
salary structure of an organization. Provide suitable examples in your discussion which are
applicable to the case mentioned above. Your answer should not be more than 800 words.
(25 marks)

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