Jackie was an enthusiastic employee when she started working in the accounting department at Steelfab Steelfab. In particular, she was proud to discover better ways to handle billing flows and control expenses. The company had a lot of bottlenecks in the flow of electronic invoices throughout the organization, and Jackie made several recommendations to her president, Mr. Johnston, which would improve the process of flowing electronic documents. Mr. Johnston welcomed these proposals, and even implemented a few of them, but he did not seem to have enough time either to thank them or to explain why some of the proposals could not be implemented.In fact, Mr. Johnston didn’t say much to any of the other employees in the department about anything they did. At the end of the first year, Jackie got a Merit Pay 4 percent increase based on Mr. Johnston’s assessment of her performance. This increase was equal to the average merit increase among 11 people in the accounting department and was higher than the rate of inflation.However, Jackie was frustrated by the fact that she didn’t know how to improve her chances of a merit increase in the next year. She is also upset by the fact that another new employee, Jim Sandow, received the highest pay increase (7 percent) even though he was not considered by others to have particularly outstanding performance according to others who worked with him on some tasks, Jim lacking To the skills necessary to perform the task well enough to get such a high reward. However, some employees believe Jim Sandow has become Mr. Johnston’s favorite employee and they have even gone on a fishing trip together.Jackie’s enthusiasm for Steelfab declined dramatically during her second year of employment. She still enjoyed working and making friends with some of her co-workers, but her enthusiasm and drive had waned. Eventually, Jackie stopped mentioning her ideas for improving productivity. On two occasions during her sophomore year, she took a few days of sick leave to visit friends and family in another state. She said she only used two sick days during her first year, and this was due to a legitimate illness. Even her doctor had to urge Jackie to stay home on one occasion during her first year but instead she showed up at work. But by the end of the second year, the use of sick days seemed to “justify” Jackie’s continued work at SteelFab. Now, with her second annual merit increase approaching, Jackie is seriously looking for another job.Please answer the following question with explanation I found an answer here on the website chegg for similsr question but it was short i need long answer.1-What actions would you recommend for Steelfab so that Jackie Wong’s experience and behavior are less likely to occur in the future?

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