(a) As a Quality Assurance Director in your organization, explain to your team the key stages that should be followed when implementing a Business Process Re-engineering (BRP) program according to Hammer and Champy (1993).

(b) Argue for and against Business process Re- engineering

(c) Giving appropriate examples, analyze any three types of benchmarking


(a) The main issue in building customer satisfaction is to acquire satisfied customers. Discuss any six methods that can be used to identify customer satisfaction.

(b) Explain any five determinants of product quality

(c) Outline the importance of using quality circles in quality improvement initiatives


(a) Giving appropriate examples analyze any four the perspectives of quality according to Gavin (1984)

(b) Discuss the categories of quality costs and state two types of cost in each category

(c) A newly established firm is planning to implement a total quality process and approaches you for advice. Explain to them the steps that they should follow to successfully implement the program

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