Agency Functions A full-service advertising agency employs personnel in a range of different functions. Some of the core functions in a full-service agency are account management, account planning, creative (copywriters and art directors/designers), media (media planners and media buyers), and traffic. A full-service advertising agency offers its clients a full range of marketing, communications, and promotions services, including planning, creating, and producing the advertising, performing research, and selecting media. A full-service agency may also offer non- advertising services such as strategic market planning, sales promotions, direct marketing, interactive capabilities, package design, and public relations and publicity. A full-service agency is made up of departments that provide the activities needed to perform the various advertising functions and serve the client, such as Account Services, Marketing Services, and Creative Services. Match the advertising agency personnel with the relevant job descriptors. Job Title in an Ad Agency Job Descriptors Commercial scripting Account Executives Creative and production process supervisors Copywriters Research and strategy Account Planners Layout designers Media Buyers Contracting ad time and ad space Art Directors Client-agency interface Traffic Coordinators Audience viewership and readership experts Media Planners

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