Fee Simple Defeasible Es v Francis decides to leave land to Chester County on the condition that the land must be used as a children’s park. Chester County holds a Sylvester lost his job and was Right of Redemption unemployed for eleven months. As a result, he was unable to make his mortgage payment. The mortgage company sent Sylvester a notice of foreclosure stating that his house would be sold on March 6th. The total amount of the debt owed to the mortgage company, plus interest and costs, is $310,000.00. Sylvester’s best option to stop the foreclosure of his home is to exercise his and pay the full amount prior to foreclosure on March 6th. Activate Wind Costo Settings tas Karl and Maria enjoy daily walks Fasementby Prescription Easement by Prescriptior Karl and Maria enjoy daily walks on the beach. They access the beach by a paved walkway through the field by their home. This has been their habit for over 25 years. Jerry owns the field and had paved the walkway himself. Recently, Jerry decided to develop the property and built condominiums. He closed off the walkway with a large gate and only permitted entrance to condominium owners. This development now prevents Karl and Maria from accessing the beach. What legal argument may allow Karl and Maria to continue using the walkway? Varlance Roger owns a lake house and wants to build a deck. Zoning restrictions limit decks to 120 square feet, but Roger wants to build one that is 144 square feet. Activate Windows that windo Private Nuisance V Alice runs a dog day care out on her property. This means that people are constantly coming and going, and Alice’s house is frequented by barking dogs all day. Alice’s neighbor, Walt, is bothered by the noise. He doesn’t entertain because of it and he is tired of waking up to the noise of dogs being dropped off every morning. In this scenario, if Walt takes Alice to court, what would be Walt’s claim against Alice? Choose v Martina keeps her extra furniture and household goods at her friend’s storage unit. Martina’s use of her friend’s storage unit is an example of a(n) Accession On your drive home from work one day, you enter a neighborhood and see a table on Acuvate Windows Wh Accession On your drive home from work one day, you enter a neighborhood and see a table on the curb. It is situated on the curb. next to some trash cans, which will be emptied by the trash collectors the next morning. You may claim the table as Icheosed When the finder of an old boat engine restores it and has a new boat built around it, the finder now owns the entire boat through the doctrine of Fasement Residing in a remote area of Montana, Forrest decides to build a shed on the back comer of his Targe property. Forrest’s neighbor discovers 23 years later that Forrest built his shed on what was really the neighbor’s land, On what legal principle should Forrest argue that the land is now his? Activate Windows has to otrate Wed [Choose Dorothy lost her home in a tornado. Her son, Stan, wants to make sure that his mother has somewhere to live for her remaining years. The solution may be the two acres of land Stan owns near where his mother’s house used to be. Stan wants to offer the land to his mother to own. However, Stan also wants to retain an ownership interest so he can ultimately build his own home there when he retires. What type of ownership interest should Stan establish to meet both goals?
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