You are hired as an Executive Housekeeper for Hotel Aman Makmur Maju Jaya last May 2021 after few interviews you have gone through. Even though this is the position that you are always looking up and forward, you still hesitate to carry on with the duty because you know that you are lacking experiences but you do not want to lose this opportunity either. The final step of this career confirmation is when you have to present a report to the General Manager, Miss Fang Bing Bing during the coming August Town Hall Meeting on the steps of Training Methods that you could suggest to the resort’s management in order to ensure all housekeeping employees have the right training and proper practices. You know that the trainer’s primary function is to communicate performance standards to employees. Hence, you were thinking to present the FOUR (4) Methods of Training steps to achieve this performance standards among all housekeeping employees.

Prepare, discuss and demonstrate these FOUR (4) Methods of Training Steps to be presented to the General Manager, Miss Fang Bing Bing.

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