One of the first steps in a high-level IT project is meeting and interviewing staff, key individuals, and stakeholders related to the project.

You know who/what some of the IT roles are and it sounds like you are ready to rock n’ roll with posturing yourself for an assessment. It’s time to interview some of the IT professionals that operate in the network. In the interview, you will need to enhance knowledge about the products, and services about the company (or the mission set if working with Military or other DoD entities like Homeland Security). in this discussion you consider potential questions that you could ask in a network assessment interview.

A few items of interest to increase knowledge of technology terrain:

  • Work with Network Owner, and IT personnel to confirm critical assets on the network
  • Create a roster of Network Owner leadership, Technicians, Subject Matter Experts (SME’s)
  • Prioritize assets and identify hardware and software that depend on these assets
  • Collect logs (request for information/logs/data prior to assessing the network)
  • Confirm Pre-Approved Actions and Rules of Engagement (So you don’t break things or break any laws)

Consider utilizing this discussion to help build your upcoming papers and overall Capstone project.

  1. What are three questions that you would ask network owners prior to conducting any assessment?
  2. Who specifically would you ask or get in contact with and most importantly – WHY?
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