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Subject: Marketing

Question: Imagine you are the head of the marketing team at TRESemm√ɬ©. You are planning to launch a new product in Bangladesh. It is a shampoo which contains 24karat gold dust with anti-aging properties. This 24k gold shampoo is intended to be a luxury product for celebrities, the wealthy, fashionistas, and the upper class. You have decided to name the product “Tresemme 24K“. You are required to:

1) Identify a prospective target market for this new product (NOTE: select luxury market / niche market and discuss why in detail)

2) Discuss how you will segment the market for this new product (NOTE: use any one of the four market segmentation strategies – demographic, psychographic, behavioral or geographic)

3) Discuss how you will position the new product in the market (NOTE: show detailed market positioning using the 4Ps)

Notes for chegg expert: Please write a long and detailed answer specifically for the fictional Tresemme 24K Gold Shampoo. Please do not write a vague and general answer that applies to all Tresemme shampoos. This assignment of mine carries 40 marks so a short answer would be of no use to me. I request you to take your time to write this answer, and I expect you to kindly provide me your best work. Thank you very much.

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