You have been operating now for 6 months. People are in love with your Crabby Patty. You want to experiment and create a new product, The Extra Crabby Patty. Each extra crabby patty is handcrafted using the following bill of materials. Making the burger patty (2 mins) Cooking the burger on the grill (7 mins) Adding the toppings (1 min) Packaging and bagging the burger (1 min) Where: A – The Extra Crabby Patty (completed burger) B – Beef burger patty C – Fresh homemade bun D – Slice of cheddar cheese E – Slice of bacon F – Pickle G – Slice of onion h) You anticipate making 125 Extra Crabby Patties per day, what quantities of each component would you need to have on hand per day? Component Quantity to Produce 1 A Quantity to Produce 125 A A B C D E F G A B (2) D (1) E (2) F (2) G (4) C (1)
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