Throughout life there are situations where we desperately want another person to listen carefully to what we say. For example, suppose you have a personal problem and seek advice from a friend. As you discuss your problem, it becomes obvious that your friend is preoccupied and not listening closely to what you are saying. Another example might be a job interview situation. Just as you begin discussing some of your major strengths, it becomes clear that the interviewer is not paying attention. When faced with this communication problem, you need to do something. Because barriers or “blocks” to listening interfere with communication, you need to take appropriate action when these barriers surface during a conversation. A few typical blocks follow: Mental holiday: The person is daydreaming or focused on thoughts that have nothing to do with the current conversation.

Judging: The person is focused on your clothing, tone of voice, posture, or hair style and is ignoring the conversation Rehearsing: The person is busy thinking

Explain how a Person can Effectively Deal with these the Factors Mentioned above.

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