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Working in a self-selected team of 2-3 students, team will develop a comprehensive Organizational Behaviour analysis for an Canadian company of their choice. With the help of the concepts learned in this course, the students will critically analyze an OB System/ sub-system utilizing secondary data research (peer-reviewed journals, published case-studies, company websites, google scholar – research articles, videos, newspaper/ magazine articles) to identify problems and recommend constructive improvements.
Remember to not only describe what the organization is doing in each of these areas, but also to analyse how well they are doing in each area, which includes looking at how the competition might be doing. Good analysis considers both the good and the bad when looking at an organization.

Prepare the equivalent of a 15-minute oral presentation. This means completing about 8-10 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides illustrating your Research Project. Don’t clutter up the slides with too much data. Instead, use the notes section below the slides to simulate the “oral” component of the project. Your presentation should include the following items:

Purpose of the research
Review of literature (theoretical and conceptual framework) and industry comparisons (comparing the chosen company’s sub-system with a benchmarked organization)
Personal critical analysis
Key findings and final recommendations – strengths, developmental opportunities, recommendations
Conclusion – summary, key findings, implications

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