Supervision refers to act of overseeing the work of people, with the purpose of achieving maximum productivity through them, which of the following would NOT enhance the front office supervisors to achieve this task? *

A. Conduct Weekly and daily meetings.

B. Select one favourite worker who would be able to provide information on what other workers are doing.

C. The supervisor should observe each team member and determine what motivates him/her

D. All of the above

John works as a front desk agent at the Raddison hotel, for his shifts he print Special / Preference Report for the day’s arrival and then checks that the correct rooms has been assigned requested by the guest. Which of the following shifts is John likely working? *

A. 3 pm – 11 pm

B. 7 am -3pm

C. 2-10

D. 11 -7

As the front office manager, you are in the process of training a new staff, a guest walks up with no reservation and you see the opportunity to introduce a new skill. To determine room availability you will teach the new recruit to use which of the following *

A. The point of sale system

B. The daily activities record file

C. The property management system

D. The internet protocol network.

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