Questions required to answer:

  1. Could we use the term“Personal administration department”for describing the main Human Resources roles and responsibilities in a modern company? Justify your answer using the key concepts delivered in the course.
  2. Using thecultural dimensions proposed by Hofstede’sModel, compare differences between 3 different countries.
  3. Identify the main cultural elements (values, heroes and artifacts) in 2 global companies that you know. Justify your election.
  4. Which are the main issues ofBusiness ethicfor a global company in this century?
  5. Describe and compare minimum3 types of leadershipdelivered in the course.
  6. Build a table comparing differentmodels (Maslow, Herzberg and Schein)for understanding the labour motivation. Identify the main strengths and weaknesses of each of them for explaining the challenges of a modern company for engaging their employees.
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