Assuming that there is a new product development project; which is to develop a new toy for children age’s five through nine. The objective of this product development project is to increase the revenue of the organization by ten percent.

Draw a workbreakdown structure of the product development based on the following tasks:

  • There will be a task to do Market Research which is is another tool used in project management – process of gathering information from different sources like online reviews and conferences to identify the market trend and market capabilities. Focus group is to be done in enabling researchers to collect information on anything from products and services to beliefs and perceptions in order to reveal true customer attitudes and opinions. Survey and research analysis to be conducted and at the end to report on market research findings.
  • Product design is another task to be performed and in this, the design is divided into two – to look into research evaluation and to refer to design document while designing the system. A concept model to be used in designing system and it describes, using one diagram type or several diagram types of the system. Design selection can also be used for helping a design team to systematically compare alternative design concepts against the design criteria and document the evaluation.
  • Product development is to develop the system based on the outcome during design activities and to identify materials to be in the system (Bill of Materials). Initial Prototype to be developed as an early sample, model, or release of a product or system built to test a concept or assumption or to act as a thing to be tested (Prototype Testing). At the end of this task, Production Development Sign off is important because it signifies the official end of a project or completion of a deliverable and the acceptance of the product by the customer (internal or external).
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