We are under contract for engine #54356 which is being developed based on a Northrop Grumman owned patent. The current specification number in the contract is “C” but you were advised that the engineering design group is working of Revision “j”. What are the things you should be doing right now based on these facts.

Your Firm Fixed Price prime contract included the Special Tooling clause giving title to the Government. However your program manager said, “We will call it a jig in lieu of a tool as we need it on all my programs.” Do you agree? Why? What do you recommend?

You are a supplier to Lockheed Martin for specialize geranium valves that no one else knows how to make since it is a trade secret to your company. Your company is getting progress payments from your client and manufacturing wants to make the values for Boeing on the same production line to reduce the per unit cost. They ask for your opinion and you say…

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