Forrest purchases an expensive birthday gift for his best friend Gabriela using his new subscription to Amazon Prime. Two days later, Forrest receives the gift, which has been severely damaged along the way. Forrest contacts Amazon, who informs him that a drone accidentally dropped Gabriela’s gift, causing the inside to be damaged. Forrest asks Amazon for a full refund of $10,000 and Amazon refuses, saying that Forrest agreed to accept the product “as-is” when he purchased the gift.

Forrest comes into your office saying he wants to sue Amazon for selling him a defective product. When Forrest conducts some research on the company, he finds that Amazon’s headquarters are in the State of Washington and that Amazon has no employees or offices in California. What court is the best forum for Forrest to sue Amazon in, and what is his best argument for doing so?

Group of answer choices

Forrest should sue Amazon in State Court in California because the court can exercise a long-arm statute to have personal jurisdiction over Amazon, despite Amazon not having any employees or offices in the State

Forrest should sue Amazon in Federal Court in California, because the parties are citizens of different states and the lawsuit fulfills the amount in controversy requirement, so a Federal court will have diversity jurisdiction over both parties

Forrest should sue Amazon in Federal Court in California because the court will have subject matter jurisdiction over his claim, which is a lawsuit for breach of contract, and since this type of claim is considered to be a Federal question, the lawsuit can only be heard by a Federal court

Forrest should sue Amazon in State Court in Washington because Amazon’s headquarters are located in that State, so he stands the best likelihood of winning a judgment against Amazon there rather than in California, where Amazon does not have to appear

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