1. You have been asked to act as the Project Manager for a
building extension on an existing residential address in Auckland’s
North Shore. The project has passed its preconstruction and
procurement stages. Building consent was granted by Auckland City
Council. The construction contract has been signed and that you are
now undertaking project planning so that work can commence on site.
The documents attached were handed to you for project planning
purposes. The client is expected to move into the minor unit in 9
months, the project needs to be delivered under the budget of
$300,000 and with Code Compliance Certificate.

As a project manager, you are required to prepare a risk
management brief to your client.

The aim is to achieve an understanding of the risk management
process, tools and techniques. You are required to follow the risk
management process specified in “Risk Management- Principles and
guidelines AS/NZS 31000:2009”.

a) Identify the risks of the proposed project that could
endanger achievement of critical objectives. Produce an overall
summary of FOUR significant risks identified. On the basis of your
analysis of the project, fill in a Qualitative Risk
form for each risk factors identified.

b) According to the results of the previous section, develop a
recommended course of action for each risk factor. The risk
treatment plan for a given risk includes techniques and methods
used to avoid, reduce, and control the probability of occurrence of
the risk, the extent of damage incurred should the risk occur or

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