Project Choose a company and find few “projects” for the company that satisfies characteristics of being a “PROJECT”. Remember that repeated tasks are not considered as a project. So it should be: • Unique • One-time occurrence • Finite duration PART 1: Make a brief “Introduction” of the project • General information about the company and the achieved projects • Spider web diagram • TOWS matrix • Organizational structure o Evaluation of the structure • Define the problem or expectation of stakeholder. PART 2: Reason of choosing that project • Compare alternatives (At least 2 projects) o Budget o Time • Details about each project. o Location o Target Market o Payback period o Expected NPV o Checklist o Simplified scoring models ? You can mention differences of the result from checklist and simplified scoring model PART 3: Planning Process: • Funding of the project (own resources/ loan) • Expected cost of the project
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