Organizational Chart Whenever a new enterprise is started, the owner must make decisions about how to structure the organization. For example, he or she must decide what functions are required, how those functions will be broken down into individual jobs, how those jobs will be grouped back together into logical departments, and how authority and responsibility will be allocated across positions. Assume that you have decided to open a handmade chocolate business in your local community. Your products will be traditional bars and novelty-shaped chocolates, truffles, other chocolate products such as ice cream, and gift baskets and boxes featuring chocolates. You have hired a talented chef and believe that her expertise, coupled with your unique designs and high-quality ingredients, will make your products very popular. You have also inherited enough money to get your business up and running and to cover about one year of living expenses (in other words, you do not need to pay yourself a salary). You intend to buy food items including chocolate, cocoa, white chocolate, nuts, and fruit from suppliers who deliver to your area. Your chef will then turn those ingredients into luscious products that will then be attractively packaged Local grocery store owners and restaurant chefs have seen samples of your products and indicated a keen interest in selling them. You know, however, that you will still need to service accounts and keep your customers happy. At the present time, you are trying to determine how many people you need to get your business going and how to group them most effectively into an organization. You realize that you can start out quite small and then expand as a sales warrant. However, you also worry that if you are continually adding people and rearranging your organization, confusion and inefficiency may result Under each of the following scenarios, decide how best to design your organization. Create a basic organization chart to show your thoughts that include the job titles you are proposing Scenario 1. You will design and sell the products yourself, as well as oversee production. You will start with a workforce of five people. . Scenario 2. You intend to devote all of your time to sales to increase revenues, leaving all other functions to others. You will start with a workforce of nine people Scenario 3. You do not intend to handle anyone’s function yourself but will instead oversee the entire operation and will start with a workforce of 15 people

Discussion Questions
1. How clear for how ambiguous) were the decisions about organization design?
2. What are your thoughts about starting out too large to maintain stability, as opposed to starting small and then growing?
3. What basic factors did you consider in choosing a design?

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