suggest that motivation builds a high-performing work setting, as it “… describes forces within the individual that account for the level, direction and persistence of effort expended at work”. In an essay form and in your own words, discuss how Herzberg’s two-factor theory helps you understand the motivational implications. Critically discuss how you as a manager would use expectancy theory to motivate your employees and how it can negatively affect employee motivation. Use example(s) from the Pacific Island context to justify your argument(s)?

The project must not be more than or limited to 5 pages of fond size 12 Times New Roman with 1.0 spacing in proper citations and referencing style Proposed structure

1. Introduction (1/2 page)

a. Concepts, definitions & importance of motivation

b. The expectation of the reader

c. A brief overview of the project

2. Literature Review (1/2 page)

3. Body (3 & 1/4 pages)

a. Two-factor Theory- its relevance to the workplace with examples

c. Expectancy theory- its applications with examples

d. Critically discuss its negative impact on employee motivation.

4. Conclusion & recommendation (3/4 page)

a. Summary

b. Recommendations

5. Reference list/bibliography (new page in alphabetical order)

a. Minimum of 3

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