Many large international companies target sections of their websites to the different world markets where their products are sold. For example, McDonald’skra includes customized pages for each of the 50-plus countries where its restaurants are established. Assume that you work for a company that is considering expanding its website for international markets. You have been assigned to investigate and report your findings on the differences and similarities between the regional sections of other companies’ sites. To research your report, examine the websites of at least three international corporations. You might visit, for example, McDonald’s American and European sites, or Sony’s Asian and Eastern European sites. Note the translations of the company’s slogan, the colors and graphics used on the sites, the presentation of products, and so on. (You may want to revisit the sections Writing International Correspondence in Chapter 8, Writing Routine and Sensitive Messages; Using Visuals to Communicate Internationally in Chapter 5, Designing Text and Visuals; and Considering International Users in Chapter 6, Writing in an Online Environment.)
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