Space requitements & Personnel requirements Will be available from until Objective: Apply the concepts about Space and Personnel requirements

1. What is the impact on the space required in a parking lot if spaces are assigned or if filled randomly?
2. A parking lot is to be 400 ft if wide and 370 ft deep. How may standard-sized cars fit in this lot?
3. Discuss the pros and cons of parking decks (i.e., multilevel parking structures) compared to surface lots.
4. A facility is to house 50 females and 50 male employees. Using a 40% allowance for aisles and clearances, how much space should be planned for the restrooms?
5. What is the impact on space requirements for a vending machine and cafeteria food service for the following luncheon patterns?
• 800 employees-one shift
• 400 employees-two shifts
• 200 employees-four shifts
6. Describe the largest personnel service problem on campus. How could this problem be resolved?
7. Given advantages and disadvantages of open versus closed office structures?
8. What are the ADA implication on : School’s Student Stadium
9. Make a list of criteria that be used to evaluate office plans

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