Please delegate the roles and responsibilities for each role, explain why workforce motivation is especially important if the employees are asked to complete overtime, and explain from a management perspective,with two strategies that can be used to motivate employees who are in these roles.

  • Receiving and checking in patients (staff of 1)
  • Examining, diagnosing, and treating patients (staff of 1)
  • Billing patients and insurance companies (staff of 1)
  • Observing and recording patient behavior and counseling and educating patients and families (staff of 2)
  • Packaging pharmaceuticals for distribution to patients (staff of 1)
  • Obtaining insurance authorization from patients and maintaining patient records (staff of 1)
  • Ensuring all patients receive effective care (staff of 1)
  • Marketing the clinic’s new hours (staff of 1)

Billing Specialist, Medical Director, Director of Human Resources, Practice Manager, Billing Manager, Clinic Manager, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer

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