1. You and the members of your team have been assigned to evaluate the economic feasibility of upgrading your organization’s server farm from a collection of various models of stand-alone computers to a smaller number of virtualized servers. The current set of 500 servers are all 3–7 years old. The plan is to auction off the old servers and replace them with new, more powerful, and more energy efficient servers. Because of virtualization, fewer servers will be needed, less floor space will be required, the cost to operate the fewer, more efficient servers will be reduced, and the cost to cool the data center will be reduced. What basic facts must your team gather to be able to do a cost comparison (initial cost of all hardware and software licenses, ongoing operating costs to run the servers and cool the data center) of continuing to run the server farm as is versus upgrading to new, virtualized servers? Develop a spreadsheet that would enable you to do this comparison.
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