BRIC Mini-Research Project- Part of 2 BUSA 3200 Individually or with a small group, select one of the BRIC counties (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and perform an “Executive FDI Analysis.” It should have two pages (or very close) of content and address the following types of questions:

a.) Current Economic Climate (macroeconomic and microeconomic sector opportunities)
b.) Current Political Situation
c.) Cultural Norms
d.) “Do’s and Don’ts” for executives going to the respective country.
e.) Future Opportunities-do any industries/sectors stand out as having the most potential? Do any segments appear to be currently underserved?
f.) Recommendation- do you recommend entering the country at this point? Please provide a firm rationale for your response. If your answer is no, would you potentially recommend entering at some point in the future?

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