Training at Scripps Hospital La Jolla

Hospital executives discuss the training initiatives at Scripps Hospital La Jolla in San Diego. They discuss the training needs related to all employees and specifically the training needs associated with new graduate nurses and new, more experienced nurses and medical staff. The video emphasizes learning principles and blended learning methods. The importance of an extensive orientation program and an ongoing commitment to professional development opportunities is also discussed. Both mandatory and optional training are mentioned as well as a needs assessment to determine training needs.

What to Watch for and Ask Yourself

â–  Scripps Hospital La Jolla conducts an annual needs assessment to determine what type of training is needed. The video does not go into detail about the sources for this assessment but gives specific examples that could be used for analysis of the training needs for medical staff.

■ The video mentions various types of training delivery or “different learning experiences” that are used at Scripps Hospital La Jolla. Identify at least three types of internal delivery options of training that are mentioned in the video.

■ The evaluation of the hospital’s training programs are not detailed specifically in the video; however, what type(s) of training evaluation do you think might be used at Scripps Hospital La Jolla for its new graduate nurses training program that is mentioned in the video?

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