Scripps Hospital La Jolla

In this video, the personnel at Scripps Hospital La Jolla in San Diego discuss their philosophy about selecting employees that match the hospital’s organizational culture. Behavioral based interviews, realistic job previews, hiring for “attitude,” and multiple types of interviews are mentioned as tools for selecting the right candidate. The video also mentions the importance of forecasting workforce supply and demand to help predict staffing needs.

What to Watch for and Ask Yourself

1. Scripps Hospital La Jolla stresses “culture fit” and “hiring for attitude” as critical criteria for applicant selection. Discuss this in terms of (a) validity and reliability and (b) legal requirements for nondiscrimination.

2. Describe the selection process at Scripps Hospital La Jolla.

3. Scripps Hospital La Jolla appears to rely heavily on the selection interview to make hiring decisions. (a) What does this mean as far as reliability and validity? (b) What are some possible problems or common interviewing mistakes that should be watched for in interviewing?

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