In this assignment, you will continue working on the Best & Less project.
The Applied Project assignment includes the following tasks:
1. Based on case study provided, explain phases of the Project Life Cycle (PLC)
2. Create a Stakeholder Register (SR) and Communication Management Plan (CMP)
3. Create a Project Charter (PC) that would approved/signed
4. Create a Project Network Diagram (PND)
5. Calculate the project cost and the Net Present Value (NPV) – download the project costs and
examples from Canvas
6. Create the Project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Below is the case study

Best & Less is an Australia-based travel agency that specializes in the rental of high-quality self-catering
accommodation in Australia. For the summer months, it offers a wide selection of gîtes (holiday
cottages) and, for the winter, apartments and chalets in various ski resorts. The company was founded
by three friends who still own it, Emeka Steven, Daniel Okw and Ric Nelson, and the company has
been in business since 2000. It has grown rapidly to achieve a turnover of some AU$25.75 million per
annum and employs more than 170 staff at three offices, one in the Greater Sydney area, one in
Melbourne and one in Melbourne. Best & Less has a website, but it is not functionally effective. Best
& Less currently uses three main sales channels:
• Direct selling to customers through mailshots of its brochures and customer support centres
(60 per cent of sales).
• Sales via high street travel agents (22 per cent of sales).
• Sales via phone calls (18 per cent of sales)
However, the company is aware from press coverage and from surveys on its own customers that
there is a growing public demand to be able to book holidays via the internet. This is particularly true
as its customers are precisely the sort of people who are ‘net aware’. Best & Less does have a website,
but this is just its latest brochure in electronic format, and it does not have links to up-to-date
availability data or the facilities for customers to make secure bookings online. Consequently, Best &
Less has decided to implement a new internet-based booking system. This will be linked to its existing
computerized booking system, which contains data on the availability of properties, and to its
customer database as well as having secure links over which credit card data can be received. In

addition, the company wants its management information system (MIS) enhanced so that it can trawl
its databases and send targeted information to customers on properties that are likely to be of interest
to them.
Best & Less organization
The current organizational structure of the company is shown in Figure 1.1. The three founders have
divided the business among themselves. Emeka Steven (who has a sales background) looks after the
sales and operations side, Daniel Okw, an accountant, takes care of finance and administration and
Ric Nelson who is a lawyer and experience in IT takes care of the IT and company’s legal matters. The
small IT department within the administration function consists of the IT manager, Peter Clay, three
analyst/programmers and a computer operator/trainee programmer.
Figure 1.1 Organization of Best & Less
The project
Because of the small size of its IT department, and since the department lacks skills in the design of e-
commerce applications, Best & Less has decided to entrust the development of its internet service to
a consultancy company, Eagles iTechnology. This firm has tendered for the following services:
• Analysis of the requirements.
• Production of a detailed requirements specification.

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