Interview Closings How satisfactory is each of the following closings? Consider the interviewing situation and type, relationship, the techniques used, nonverbal communication, and what is omitted. How might each be improved? Do not assume each closing is unsatisfactory. 1. This is a market survey taking place in a shopping mall by a research organization hired by the owner of several shopping malls in the Midwest. Interviewer: Well, that’s it. Interviewee: How will the results be used? Interviewer: I’m sorry, but I’m not free to answer that. Interviewee: Okay. 2. This is an interview between a journalist and a former member of the President’s cabinet who resigned after the first year of the President’s administration. Interviewer: Well (leaning forward), I certainly appreciate your openness and willingness to answer questions about your experiences and reasons for your resignation. Interviewee: That you for inviting me to tell my story. Interviewer: You’re welcome. By the way, what are your plans now? Interviewee: I have a number of options I’m considering at present. 3. This is a recruiting interview for a chemist with a large pharmaceutical company. Interviewer: Your academic background certainly fits the position we have open. Interviewee: Thank you. I am really interested in this position with your company. Interviewer: I’m glad to hear that. Good luck with your search. We’ll be in touch. 4. This is an interview between three college seniors who are shopping for a condo to share and a leasing agent for condos near campus. Interviewer: These condos are about what we’re looking for, but we want to look at some others. Interviewee: Okay. Let me know if you have some questions. Interviewer: Thanks a lot. ????
5. This is a performance review of Jack Rodgers conducted by his supervisor. Interviewer: You’re doing a good job Jack. Just keep an eye on the little things. How’s your daughter doing in soccer? Interviewee: She had knee surgery two weeks ago. Interviewer: Bummer!
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