Answer the following:

1 Explain the purpose of a mission statement and create a sample mission statement for:
**A non-profit recreation center in an urban setting
**A for-profit fitness facility in a rural setting
2 .Determining the feasibility of a facility project is a process. Explain in detail the feasibility process and the questions that need to be answered when determining the feasibility of a facility project.
3 .You are in charge of developing a new 2,000 seat arena at Post University. What are some arguments (at least 3) you would make to convince local businesses and residents to support the planned arena in their community?
4 Explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages of buying vs. leasing a facility. In your answer define the terms buying, leasing, and lease agreement. Explain at four items that would be included in a lease agreement.
5 As an athletic director at a college or university you will be responsible for managing a number of different groups. Explain who the internal and external constituents are at your university and how you must deal with each in order to effectively meet the needs of all. Be specific with your answer.
6 Thoroughly explain the four primary functions of management. Explain in detail how a facilities manager performs each of these duties on the job. Use real-life examples to show how each function is performed.

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