For this week’s discussion, I would like for you to
apply the ethical decision making process to a current
(sensitive) issue in business listed below.

First, familiarize yourself with the decision making
process as explained in Cavanagh Pg. 96. Next, read the issue below
and apply the ethical decision making process (using your personal
assessment) to the issue. During your argument, be sure
to address the four ethical norms (Rights and Duties, Justice,
Utilitarianism, and Caring).
After you have presented your position on one of the topics, please
utilize your subsequent posts to counter other positions. When you
are countering another student’s argument, please frame your
counterargument in terms of the four ethical norms.
This exercise helps you to learn and practice how to
formulate a position and argue (defend) that position in a
systematic fashion.
Here is the topic to apply your ethical arguments…
Hiring the Beautiful Ones
Hopefully, you find this interesting. Title VII of the Civil Rights
Act defines protected classes that may not be discriminated
against. That’s the law. But there is no law against discriminating
between beautiful and non-beautiful people. A cursory glance at
major advertising campaigns will show that most people depicted in
advertising “look” a certain way. Perhaps a non-issue. However,
consider that employment opportunities for individuals in modeling
and product representation are limited to people with the “look”.
In addition, some companies, go so far as to only hire “beautiful
people” as their sales store representatives, which they call
“models”. Non-beautiful people need not apply. In addition, note
that height, weight, hair color and style, and other personal
characteristics are NOT protected by Title VII. For example, people
considered “overweight” face a multitude of stigmas, stereotypes,
and possible maltreatment in organizations. [ Weight
Bias (Links to an external site.) ] Use the ethical
decision making process to argue your stance on the habit of hiring
only people who “look” a certain way.

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