Question 6: Cleo has found a short video on the internet
that really captures the mood and energy she wants her staff to
strive for during the upcoming back-to-school rush. She should

A) not include the video because adding it to the
presentation is too hard

B) include the video because it’s relevant and will add interest
and engage her staff

C) not include the video because it’s better for her to just
talk through what she wants

Question 5: Shanika has been assigned her first-ever
presentation since being promoted to the corporate office. She’s
really nervous about it, especially since her boss keeps tossing
around the phrase “death by PowerPoint.” Once Shanika figures out
what this means, she should be able to avoid it by focusing on
which of these things?

A) keeping her slides clean, easily deliverable, and

B) getting her slides done quickly and spending most of her time
rehearsing her delivery

C) making sure her slides are colorful and use a lot of

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