Yummy Bakery is a bakery café who offers a delivery service in Tokyo. The shop owner is planning to bake Christmas Cake to sell during Christmas week. The shop spent 1,950 baht for ingredients of 10 cakes and the shop plans to sell them for 265 baht each before Christmas day and reduce the price to 150 baht after Christmasmy day.
The store owner is deciding whether to bake 300, 400 or 500 cakes, assumed that all cakes are sold during the Christmas week?
Optimistically, how many cakes should the shop buy?Yummy Bakery should bake ________ cakes, and receive profit of___________
Pessimistically, how many cakes should the shop bake?Yummy Bakery should bake ________ cakes, and and receive profit of___________
If the shop owner does not want to loss opportunity to make profit(i.e.,theshop owner does not feel regret), how many cakes should the shop bake?
Yummy Bakery should bake ______________ cakes.
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