reflect on your social networking experiences and think of any
ties you have (or had) with individuals or groups who provided any
of the following:

a. The opportunity to pursue a new job or career. Explain.

b. Much-needed direction and support. Explain.

c. The motivation to be creative and try something new.

Explain. How did these ties impact you personally and/or
professionally? Explain. In your subsequent postings analyze these
and other benefits of their networks in more depth. Specifically,
what patterns emerge when they examine the value of:

1) diverse ties and

2) strong and weak ties?

How can social networking be used to:

1) Build diverse networks

2) Diminish the global digital divide

3) Minimize online micro-aggressions

4) Create a resource for sharing through networking

5) Create personal empowerment through networking

6) Managerial cross cultural opportunities though social

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