1. Which of the below statements about the WTO dispute
settlement process is incorrect?
a. WTO dispute settlement decision cannot be appealed
b. Only a WTO member country can file a WTO dispute settlement
c. The losing state party to an WTO dispute settlement proceeding
is subject to retaliatory trade sanctions
d. WTO dispute settlement mechanism primarily relies on
consultation and negotiation.

2. Every American company is international, at least to the
extent that:
a. The internet generates orders for all American business to go
b. Federal law requires all corporations to outsource whenever it
is cost-effective
c. The COVID-19 pandemic creates a more close-knitted global
d. Its business performance is affected by events occurring

3. Please state the Most Favored Nation (MFN) treatment under the
WTO GATT agreement. Why GATT requires MFN treatment of all of its
member states?

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