Nonprofit organizations are always seeking grant writers, and you would like to gain experience in this area. You’ve heard that they pull down good salaries, and one day you might even decide to become a professional grant/proposal writer. However, you first need experience. You saw a Web listing from The Actors Theatre Workshop advertising for a grant writer to “seek funding for general operating expenses and program-related funding.” A grant writer would “develop proposals, generate boilerplates for future applications, and oversee a writing team.” This listing sounds good, but you need a local position.

Your Task. Search the Web for local nonprofits. Alternatively, your instructor may already know of local groups seeking grant writers, such as a United Way member agency, an educational institution, or a faith-based organization. Talk with your instructor about an assignment. Your instructor may ask you to submit a preliminary memo report outlining ten or more guidelines you expect to follow when writing proposals and grants for nonprofit organizations.


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