1. Which leader would you rather work for – Steve Jobs or Tim Cook? Why?
  2. What leadership characteristics does each leader exhibit? Provide examples and be sure to include a variety of characterstics.
  3. How would you categorize the leadership styles of both Steve Jobs and Tim Cook? Task-oriented? People-oriented? Autocratic? Bureaucratic? Democratic? Why do you feel this way? Provide examples.
  4. what kind of leader doyouwant to be? When answering this question, you might also want to consider the types of leadership you have experienced from other influencers in your life, including coaches, teachers, professors, advisors, mentors or even parents.
  5. When contributing your thoughts to the padlet below, be as open and authentic as possible. Imagine yourself leading a team of 15 employees in five years from now; what values, characteristics and behaviours do you promise to always to exhibit when leading your team?

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