The vice president of your organization has asked you to analyze the gaps found in the employee engagement survey and then develop a personal development plan that you will utilize to address these leadership gaps.

Goal Description:?[Insert your personal development goal and the objectives that describe successful completion of this goal.]

Leadership?Competency:?[Insert the leadership behavior or skill that will be improved upon completion of this goal.]




S: Specific

What do I plan to accomplish? What do I plan to achieve? What is the reason for this goal? Why is it relevant?

Example: Ensure a development plan, with specific deliverables, is jointly developed with all of my direct reports.

[Insert text.]

M: Measurable

What metric(s) will be used to determine if you meet the goal? If more than one milestone is included, provide the metric that will be used to measure performance.

[Insert text.]

A: Achievable

What tools and skills do I need to achieve the goal? Who needs to be involved for me to be successful? What is my motivation for wanting to achieve this goal?

[Insert text.]

R: Relevant

How is this goal linked to an overall business objective? How will this goal increase my knowledge and improve my overall performance?

[Insert text.]

T: Time Bound

Provide tangible deliverable(s) with due dates if more than one milestone is included. Provide the final due date for completion of this development goal.?

[Insert text.]

The vice president of your organization has asked you to analyze the gaps found in the employee...

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