Uses of architectural descriptions Architectural descriptions are applicable to a variety of uses, by a variety of stakeholders, throughout the life cycle. These uses include, but are not limited to the following:

a) Analysis of alternative architectures
b) Business planning for transition from a legacy architecture to a new architecture
c) Communications among organizations involved in the development, production, fielding, operation, and maintenance of a system
d) Communications between acquirers and developers as a part of contract negotiations
e) Criteria for certifying conformance of implementations to the architecture
f) Development and maintenance documentation, including material for reuse repositories and training materials
g) Input to subsequent system design and development activities
h) Input to system generation and analysis tools
i) Operational and infrastructure support; configuration management and repair, redesign and mainte- nance of systems, subsystems, and components
j) Planning and budget support
k) Preparation of acquisition documents (e.g., requests for proposal and statements of work)
1) Review, analysis, and evaluation of the system across the life cycle
m) Specification for a group of systems sharing a common set of features, (e.g., product lines)

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