Question 4 You are the Purchasing Manager for Marmoset Homes plc, a firm which builds luxury houses. Earlier today, you drafted a memo to the Managing Director, explaining about a problem with a delivery of bricks from the Better Brick Company.

You have checked the draft (shown overleaf), and are satisfied that the facts are recorded accurately, but you are not yet happy with the presentation, and have noticed several errors in the use of language.

Rewrite the memo so that it obeys the six Cs of good business communication. When you have finished, the piece should be: correct clear complete concise coherent courteous Pay particular attention to appropriate style and tone, and divide the text into paragraphs.

You do not have to stick to the original wording, but your version should contain all the relevant facts. Make up any additional information which you feel is necessary


TO: Managing Director DATE:

FROM: Purchasing Manager REF: SUBJECT: colin and the bricks

Just a swift note to let you know about the problems over the delivery of them bricks I mentioned to you yesterday. The lorry should have been here tuesday (thats tuesday 14th may, not tuesday 21st) only it got held up by flooding on the road. Nobody bothered to tell us this and the next thing I know, Brian Smith from Stores is on to me, telling me the bricks are here and his assistant, Colin, has signed them in without even checking them. Needless to say they were the wrong colour and Better Bricks were threatening not to exchange them because Colin signed them in. Quick as a flash, I phoned British bricks and put a bit of pressure on them by saying we wouldn’t place any more orders with them if they didn’t exchange this lot. Me and Brian Smith had words with young Colin Dempster and he knows if it happens again he’ll get the sack. Anyhow, the right bricks arrived yesterday. Oh yes, the order number was 234876J. See you Thursday at the board meeting. Ciao.

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