Analize this post and reply it with your opinion. (100 words minimun)

Chapter one of the text gives an overview of the evolution of Human Resource Management and Human Resource Information systems. According to Johnson, Carlson & Kavanagh (2000). “Beyond supporting and providing data for human resources, an effectively designed HRIS must also interface with individuals and systems within the broader organization and organizational environment Johnson et al., 2020, p.15). We can all agree that implementing an HRIS system can benefit human resource processes; however, it is not a stand-alone technology. Its effectiveness is dependent on its interaction with the organizational and global business environment. Many companies are expanding their businesses internationally, this means that the collection of data by the HR department may differ because of the different labor laws that exist. Since Human Resource is responsible for the recruitment, selection, and training of employees, the system implemented should be flexible to adjust to environmental changes in the labor force if a human resource department is unaware of the firm’s overall goals and what is happening in its global environment; even the best HRIS technology will not help its success. Integrating the organizational and global business environment with strategic human resource programs will help the firm Implement an effective HRIS that will help them remain competitive, achieve its goals, attract the best talent, Johnson, Carlson & Kavanagh stated that today, an HRIS may even incorporate smartphones to allow employees to access data remotely and social networking tools to support employee social connections” Johnson et al2020. p.8). The HRIS technology used in the company where I currently work enables us to access data remotely, we can check our emails, apply for jobs posted internally, check our benefits, do training classes, and many other things. Do you believe that all companies that implement HRIS should provide remote access to their employees? What are some drawbacks to remote access for employees?

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