The field of information systems and information technology is interesting and offers various jobs and career paths that are challenging rewarding, dynamic, and constantly evolving. Search the Internet, employment-sites, recruiting services, newspapers, or computer journals and magazines to write a one-page, single-space, report about the information systems/technology (IS/IT) profession Your report should have the following sub headings and address these issues: Information systems/information technology: here explain (in your words) what is meant by IS/IT. How it is different from other subjects such as computer science. What is professionals do?: here explain the type of jobs, activities, and responsibilities that an IT professional can do. List the job title and the type of activities and task that are done in that job. Essential skills: here (a) write the important IS/IT skills that is positions/jobs should have and (b) which COBI courses can provide students with those skills. Review COBI course catalog and write specific COBI courses and the knowledge and skills that students can learn from these courses. Eg. BUAD 9999 (Principles of Human Thinking); this course teaches critical thinking skills, problem solving techniques, successful communications and negotiations. (This is just for explanation and it is not a real COBI course). Employment prospects: here explain the prospects of employment for IT professionals in the different jobs you described above and expected of average salaries for those positions. Are job openings in IS/IT are growing or shrinking, what the employment rate in IS/IT. References: write down the references that you used to write your report.
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