Evaluate each of the following as a potential market for men’s grooming products. Be specific as to the kinds of grooming products that might be best targeted to which segment.

 a. Ubersexual

 b. Regular Joe

 c. Marked Groucho



Toyota is trying to stake out a position among younger consumers with its Yaris brand. It hopes to attract 30 percent of its market share for the brand from the 18- to 34-year-old consumer. When it launched the brand several years ago, Toyota made it clear that it wanted to give the brand a personality. More specifically, it wanted the car to have a “cheeky, irreverent, mischievous” personality to match the car’s styling. In doing so, Toyota humanized the Yaris:

We wrote a voice for this car, we gave it a personality and we created a world for it to live in. We knew that, rather than just speaking to our audience, the car had to behave as one of them.

In addition, Toyota envisioned an integrated campaign involving traditional TV melded with mobile marketing, Internet marketing, social networking, and so on. New media has been deemed critical to reaching this younger demographic.

Perceptual maps can be a critical tool in determining how well a company’s efforts are working in attaining their desired position. The following perceptual map provides one view of the automobile market but does not include the Yaris. Brands are plotted as a function of consumer perceptions on the luxury-economy dimension on the vertical axis and dull-exciting on the horizontal axis. Market segment labels are labeled by ideal points on the map and the relative size of the circle represents the relative size of the segment.

Evaluate each of the following as a potential market for men’s grooming products. Be specific as to...

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