Choose the one test-taking strategy you think will help you the most to be academically successful in college. Explain your choice. In your discussion, share the approaches to test taking you have used in the past and how well they have worked for you. If your reason for choosing the strategy is influenced by an experience that happened to you or someone you know, be sure to tell about that experience in your explanation.

Strategies to Improve Taking Tests:

  1. Actively use the CORE Learning System.
  2. Create a positive affirmation about taking tests.
  3. Visualize success.
  4. Arrive early and get comfortable.
  5. Prepare yourself physically and emotionally.
  6. Write memory cues on the test.
  7. Preview the test.
  8. Make a test-smart plan.
  9. Answer true/false questions.
  10. Answer multiple-choice questions.
  11. Answer matching questions.
  12. Answer fill-in-the-blank questions.
  13. Answer questions that ask for a list.
  14. Answer short-answer questions.
  15. Answer definition questions.
  16. Answer essay questions.
  17. Solve math problems.
  18. If you get stuck, move on.
  19. If you feel anxious, refocus.
  20. Review your answers.
  21. Provide an answer for every question.
  22. Proofread.
  23. Reward yourself.
  24. Study the instructor’s feedback.
  25. Correct answers you missed.
  26. Analyze your errors.
  27. Get help.
  28. Seek accommodations.

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