Which of the following lists some of the steps in the market research process in the correct order?

examine data availability?problem definition?choose unit of analysis?assess value of research?determine information requirement

determine information requirement?problem definition?choose unit of analysis?examine data availability?assess value of research

problem definition?assess value of research?determine information requirement?choose unit of analysis?examine data availability

choose unit of analysis?assess value of research?problem definition?determine information requirement?examine data availability

examine data availability?assess the value of research?problem definition?presentation
[7:21 PM, 10/6/2021] Meet: Researchers study shoppers’ shopping behaviors in stores by:

This is a multiple-answer question.

asking shoppers to wear a special pair to glasses to collect data on the items they look at in the store

tracking the items on shoppers’ receipts from a store over time

presenting simulated images of items (e.g., pictures of different brands of cereals) on a screen and tracking shoppers’ eye gaze

using virtual reality simulations to re-create shoppers’ shopping experience in the lab
[7:21 PM, 10/6/2021] Meet: People with collectivistic mindsets are __ likely to offer bribes when doing business than people with individualistic mindsets because they feel _____ for their actions.

less; more guilty

more; happier

less; more individually responsible

more; less individually responsible

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