Write a Project Plan for Aunt Sophie’s birthday using all the tasks below

  1. The tasks are not in any type of order, and there are no right or wrong answers to this exercise.
  2. There will be no direction on how to complete the birthday party for Aunt Sophie; however, you can choose to have the party catered, in your home or in a clubhouse — whatever you prefer.
  3. You need to take all the tasks, organize them, and write a brief Project Planto demonstrate how you would complete this exercise.
  4. The tasks are part of what is called the project manager’s Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Your book is a wonderful resource to learn more about the specifics of Project Management. The internet also has great information. HINT
  5. You have a budget of $1,000, so don’t forget to send the budget along with your project plan. Excel is a wonderful tool to use when preparing and presenting cost information. HINT
  6. Post your Plan for the other members of the class to review by Friday noon.
  7. Review their Plans and pick one aspect of a Plan you particularly like, other than your own.
  8. Write a response for the Discussion that A) Analyzes your plan with strengths and changes you would make after reviewing other Plans, and B)Describes what aspect(s) you liked from a teammate’s Project Plan & how you would use it in your own Plan.
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