marketing and sales
The sale statistics indicate that the amount of the yearly sale has decreased by 20% And 4 of the well experienced marketing and sale staffs left the company because of the uncertain future of the company. There is a massive variation in the number of monthly sales between sales personnel. Six new employees have been hired in the sales department that has sales experience but not in this industry. For increasing the sale, new marketing campaigns should be designed, and the salesperson should travel to other cities. The personnel are not motivated because of the compensation plan. The manager is thinking about proposing a new compensation plan that motivates sales while decreasing the costs. Table 8 indicates the positions and the considered payment for each position in the marketing and sale department as below:
Sale management
Marketing deputy Sale deputy
Sale expert
Marketing expert
50000$+5% commission
40000$+5% commission
provide the solution how to encaurage worker ?
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