Respond to this post with your opinion on if you would trust them with such a ring, and why or why not;

If I had possession of a ring like Gyges had, I would like to say that I could be morally stable enough to hold onto the values and and morals that I so strongly believe in, however, to be completely honest, I couldn’t say with complete certainty what choices I could or would make if put in the position to profit or benefit without any repercussions unless I were in that situation. As a middle class individual, I work very hard for everything that I have in life, but like most people in middle class, I often find myself wishing that I could hit the lottery or inherit the assets of a long lost relative. An invisible cloak or even a magic genie in a lamp that offers free wishes would be very tempting and could possible turn a noble and honest person into someone without remorse and filled with greed, however, I am still human.

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