1. How did this conflict start?

2. What Businesses and/or Governments are involved?

3. Who will suffer the most in this conflict?

U.S., Europe Civil Aircraft Parts Tariff Battle Escalates By Kelsey Reichmann | January 5, 2021 Send Feedback Airbus, Boeing, European Union, Large Civil fine Aircraft legislation, tariis, WTO CONNECTED AVIATION INTELLIGENCE PODCAST STAY CONNECTED, STAY INFORMED. The Office of Own Style Roy el reports moment er, at the pool teed. Expert Insights into Aircraft Connectivity LISTEN NOW New tariffs on European Union (EU) aircraft manufacturing parts from the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) that were announced last month are set to become effective on Jan. 12. The tariffs are just the latest escalation in the tit-for-tat tariff battle between US and European regulatory officials over large civil aireraft subsidies involving aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing The new tariffs from the U.S. are in response to November tariffs from the EU and will affect EU fuselages and fuselage sections, wings and wing assemblies, and horizontal and vertical stabilizers. Airbus condemned the new tariffs. Connecting Top Talent with the Best Opportunities EXPLO Avid INTERNA USTR’s expansion of tanffs to include components for aircraft manufactured in the U.S. – by American workers – is counterproductive in every way” a representative for Airbus said in an emailed statement to Avionics International Airbus regrets that USTR has decided to escalate this dispute by taking a step that also hurts US manufacturing. US workers, and U.S. consumers. This will not contribute to a climate of trust to create a negotiated solution.”

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